Winter Salt and Ice Treatments Can Ruin Your Carpet


During the winter we all try very hard to keep the outdoors out of our home. That is easier said than done. The salts and other ice control treatments can be very damaging to your carpets. Vacuuming alone helps, but cannot remove all the residues that still cling to your carpet fibers. These residues get deep into the carpet and if not removed, get into the latex backing of your carpet and degrade the stability of your expensive carpet. No matter how hard we try, people track these salts far into the house. They can even end up in your bedroom and be unwanted visitors.

During these troubled times for your carpet, it is even more important to keep up with proper carpet cleaners brisbane. For this winter salt problem the steam cleaning extraction process will be what is best for your carpet. It is also important that the proper cleaning materials be used to liquefy and release these residues from your carpet. Steam cleaning will rinse, extract and clean your carpet at the same time while bringing it back to a healthy and allergen free condition. Professional certified carpet care technicians are trained in the proper and safe use of the cleaning materials that will thoroughly get these residues out and prolong the useful life of your carpets. When these certified carpet care specialist’s come to your house, they understand what a damaging problem you have. After a proper carpet cleaning has been done, the bulk of the salts will be gone.

With a winter like we had this year it is important to have your carpets cleaned during the bad weather to minimize the salt damage. Yes your carpet will get dirty again, but this is only surface soil, which is easily removed and does less damage to the carpet. It may seem foolish to clean your carpets during the winter. It would be like not taking a shower until the winter is over because you will only get dirty again. Carpet requires the same hygiene.

The fiber content of your carpets also have a lot to do with what procedures can be used for the removal of these salt chemicals that we all walked into our home all winter long. Wool is a natural fiber and can easily be harmed by these salts. If you have wool runners in your entry way or anywhere near your doors, they should be rolled up and safely be put away for the winter.

The synthetic carpet fibers like nylon and polyester are easier to maintain. If these carpets are properly treated and steam cleaned at the correct intervals, you will get many years of non-ugly, beautiful use.

As a side note, your upholstery should also be cleaned after the winter to remove some of the same contaminants that you get on your carpet. These residues, though in lesser amounts, still exist and cause some of the same soiling and allergy problems you get on your carpet. They are transferred from your clothes to the upholstery.

Properly maintaining your homes furnishings is always a good and healthy thing to do for your family, friends and pets. Remember, your pets are closer to the carpet than you are. Keeping your furnishings in a clean and allergen condition is good for all. The healthier the house, the happier the home will be.

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