Why You Should Learn More About Digital Marketing


While it may not seem like it, digital marketing isn’t just for the tech savvy. It’s become a constant in lives of everyone with access to the internet and smart device.

Everything is accessible online: news and information, products and services, movies and celebrities, even your family and friends.

The digital world is a powerful life-force so it’s important for everyone to know the basics of digital marketing.

What exactly is digital marketing?

Textbooks describe digital marketing in a broad sense, as the marketing/advertising of products or services using digital technology and platforms.

Since the rapid rise in technology over the last decade business have started to place more focus on their digital marketing efforts in order to maintain prominence in their respective fields.

Why is digital marketing important?

The answer is pretty simple – as a brand or business your potential customers are spending more and more time online. Digital marketing gives you the opportunity to reach them directly and instantly.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

  • By using digital marketing you have the opportunity to expand your target audience (even globally).
  • It gives you the unique ability to interact with your audience and learn exactly what their likes and dislikes are.
  • It’s more cost effective than traditional marketing (television, radio and print) because you can reach more people with a smaller budget.
  • Getting to know your audience and interacting with them personally will automatically enhance the relationship thereby creating trust and increasing brand loyalty.
  • You get instant customer feedback because you are able to immediately track responses to your marketing efforts.

Why it’s necessary to learn digital marketing?

Because of how digitized our world has become there will always be a great demand for digital marketing skills.

Businesses and brands will constantly need to have proficient digital markets on staff in order to meets their marketing goals.This is why having digital marketing skills like SEO, content writing and social media marketing are becoming increasingly valuable.

There are also many exciting careers opportunities in digital marketing.You could find your home at an elite advertising agency, or working in the marketing department of a popular brand.Digital careers are very entrepreneur friendly too.This means you can create a successful career on your own by blogging, as a freelance content producer or as a social media influencer.

Career Options in Digital Marketing

  • SEO Specialist

Search engine optimization (SEO) specialists have a vast knowledge of how search engines work. They are tasked with increasing website rankings organically (or via PPC campaigns) through the use of targeted keywords and general website optimization.

  • Content Marketing

Content marketing forms an important part of any brand’s digital marketing campaign. Content marketing specialists have a vast knowledge of multi-media marketing strategies.They have the ability to create engaging content across all forms of media such as blogs, websites and social media platforms. They are also tasked with providing quality content that is effective in the context of a brand’s marketing strategy and business goals.

  • Social Media Specialists

Social media specialists have an in-depth understanding of every aspect of social media and subsequently the know-how with regard to interpretation of the related analytics. These specialists are tasked with updating a brand’s social media platforms with quality, relevant content, knowing how to engage with users and interpreting analytics.

  • PPC Specialist

PPC (pay-per-click) specialists are experts in advertising who are tasked with increasing website traffic. They do this by creating and managing advertising campaigns by incorporating keywords and eye-catching graphics in their adverts.

In Summary…

We all have some experience in digital marketing. You may not realize it but each time you update your blog or social media account you’re essentially “marketing” yourself to your audience (no matter who that consists of).

Digital content has become the norm in today’s world so having a basic knowledge of digital marketing is a must.

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