Tips Of What To Do After A Car Accident

Over 6 million auto accidents occur annually in the US. These range from fender benders to cars being totaled with fatalities. Every 13 minutes, someone dies in the US from a car accident.
If you are involved in a car crash, it is important to remain calm and follow specific steps which can stabilize victims and prevent a post-accident accident.

1. Keep Safety a Priority. If the drivers have incurred minor injuries, then autos should be moved to the side of the road, away from oncoming traffic. Additional accidents may occur if the cars are left in the middle of the road or a busy intersection. If the autos are in a situation where moving them is impossible, stay in your car with the seat belt fastened. Call for help and wait. Run your hazard lights, and if you have cones or flares, set them out in very visible areas.
2. Maintain an Emergency Kit in the Glove Compartment. The kit is not simply for first aid items. In the kit should be pen and paper for notes, a disposable camera for photos, a contact list for law enforcement agencies (although 911 is as good as any list), and a card with information about medical allergies and conditions that may be helpful to medical personnel should the accident be serious. Also, a flashlight should be in the glove compartment. In the trunk keep some cones, warning triangles, and emergency flares.
3. Exchange Information. Make sure to exchange all of the pertinent information, including demographic info, the insurance company, and policy number along with the license plate number. Also make a description of each car, including make, model, year, etc. and draw out the exact location and how it happened. It is important to maintain composure, but do not admit fault or start a fight. Also, if there are witnesses in the vicinity, it’s a good idea to obtain names and contact information to back up the accident history.
4. Photograph the accident. Nothing tells the auto damage story better than a picture. Document the damage to all vehicles from multiple angles.
5. File an accident report. A police report may go a long way in speeding up your insurance claim process. It will be one of the first things your insurance office will ask about. Even if the police do not show up because no one was injured, you should file one yourself; even it is just a state vehicle accident report.
6. Contact Car Accident Attorney Kansas City to provide you with accident attorney that will be helpful for you to make your claims later.

Remembering these five tips will help you be prepared should you be involved in a motor vehicle accident. Most likely, it will happen to you at some point in life. Best to be prepared.

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