Starting Your Own Cleaning Business


How does starting your own cleaning business while making money and being your own boss sound? Owning a cleaning business requires minimal amount of start up costs, and you can set your own hours while providing good customer service.

Cleaning is a household routine that many folks do not like at all. For working adults who are parents or have pets to look after may not have the free time necessary to maintain a clean home over the course of a week.

Providing a cleaning service toronto means that all aspects of house cleaning is what your job will be. Things from sweeping, mopping and vacuuming to dusting and washing windows are all part of the package. Additionally, doing dishes, laundry and taking out garbage may be what the customer needs.

As you get your business off the ground, you need to put a lot of resources into advertising. This can be done in many ways, from handing out flyers to posting signs. Another way to get initial customers is through word of mouth.

Social networking is a big way to share information about your business as well as get new customers. Once you developed some contacts, you can start to schedule appointments to talk about price, responsibilities and options.

Make sure to create a contract before starting any work. This will eliminate any confusion about what the job is and the boundaries as well.

Pricing options can be either made for an hourly fee or a flat rate. Make sure to consider the cost of supplies when setting prices, and decide if they will furnish them or if you need to bring them with you.

It is critical for anyone starting out in this business to be honest and trustworthy, and build a relationship with the customer over time so that they may even let you come over when they are away or out of town.

Is Your House Clean?

However much we might try, it seems unlikely that any of us would ever be able to get our house to be completely clean. However, we are able to do this to a certain point by cleaning as we do on a daily basis. This page will help you to work out just how clean your house is, and whether there is anything that you could do to improve this.

The first thing that you can do to test whether your house is clean is to use the vacuum cleaner again straight after you have used it once. This means that if any more dirt is picked up, then your house is still not clean. Although the majority of people would find that even doing this ten times would still pick up dirt, it gives you an idea of just how much dirt there is left in your house, even though you might think that you’ve cleaned it. If you have never had your vacuum cleaner serviced, then this is one of the things that you could do that would be able to help with this problem.

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