Should You Try Laser Stretch Marks Removal?


Laser stretch mark removal is latest advanced treatment for stretch marks introduced in the market. This cosmetic procedure are being carried out a medical spa or laser treatment centers. This process was made to treat these ugly marks and also other skin blemishes by removing layers with the scarred skin. A lot can be done to effectively remove skin scarring and will be able to give really good results. However, the cost of this treatment is noticeably higher rather than creams.

The laser removing stretch marks process is practiced by the use of a Microdermabrasion laser beam which removes the thin layers of skin around the stretch marks. The excimer laser is highly suitable for one of these procedure since instead of burning or cutting the affected skin areas like other lasers, it functions with high-energy ultraviolet laser light to disrupt the molecular bonds around the skin tissue, and which eventually causes the tissue to disintegrate in the process called ablation.

As soon as the laser stretch mark removal process is done completely, you can observe that the involved area will look red and tender. The cause of this is due to the layers of scarred skin were removed and new skin has been grown. There could also be blisters along with typical burn injury symptoms which could occur occasionally but there’s you don’t need to fret because they’re temporary. Healing may occur within a week or weeks based on type of therapy performed.

When treated area have been healed, you will notice quite a good result. The laser treatment for skin scarring is effective, though the success from the technique relies in the prevalence and age in the scars. It usually require as least 10 treatments for ones scars that they are completely removed. Items absolutely serious cases of stretch marks, the laser treatment may only help out with reducing the visibility in the marks not in your complete removal.

Laser treatment for scars is advisable and recommendable especially if you will pay adequate money just to eliminate your unwanted scars. It truly is less invasive than surgical body sculpting procedures for example tummy tucks and allows less recovery time.

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