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No matter how hard you try, there are some spots in your house that always seem to collect clutter and look disheveled. Not only is a messy house unsightly, you spend more time trying to put things away when you’re cleaning up, and waste time looking for items when you need them. Unless you hire house cleaning brampton maids. In addition, studies show that an organized house promotes a sense of calm and reduces stress. Try these storage tips to help cut down on the clutter, save you time and give yourself some inner peace.

Kitchen Cupboards

What do the insides of your kitchen cupboards look like? Do they look like a puzzle where every piece fits perfectly in its place? Or does it look more like a just-opened puzzle box where all the different pieces are all jumbled together? If your cupboards aren’t as organized as you like them to be, try this strategy: For flat items like platters, trays and cookie sheets use tray dividers (or use adjustable tension rods like the ones to hang caf?� curtains) to store trays and cookie sheets lined up vertically. You’ll be able to access what you need quicker and you’ll have more space to stack your mixing bowls, pots and pans, and other items.

Install a sliding shelf organizer in your cabinet to make accessing your pots and pans a cinch. Sliding drawers make it easy to retrieve items that seem to get forgotten and lost in the back of the cabinet.

Installing a lid organizer on the inside of your cabinet door gives you a contained space to store all of your wayward lids.

Medicine Cabinet

Real estate comes at a premium when it comes to medicine cabinets. Avoid having products fall out every time you open the door by removing unnecessary clutter. Only keep items in your medicine cabinet you use multiple times a day such as your toothbrush, toothpaste and face wash. Relocate your medications to another room. Removing them not only gives you more storage space, it also protects your medications as they aren’t suited to the steamy, moist bathroom environment. Divide your other bathroom essentials by purpose (hair, makeup, etc.) in bins or baskets under your sink.

Linen Closet

When changing your bed sheets, the task of finding all the separate pieces that match is a chore in itself. Avoid the hassle by storing your sheet sets in pillow bundles. Make a bundle by folding both sheets and all but one pillowcase together, and then putt the folded linens inside the remaining pillowcase to make a neat pack.

Keep everyday towels, sheets, and other linens on the middle and lower shelves, and store infrequently-used items like holiday tablecloths, beach towels and extra blankets in the back or on harder-to-reach shelves. Once a year go through your linen closet and donate anything you no longer use or discard anything that is torn or worn-out.

Space Under Your Kitchen Sink

The space under your kitchen sink can sometimes resemble the notorious “junk drawer.” Corral the cleaning products and sponges with a Lazy Susan. A Lazy Susan is a great way to keep all your cleaning supplies contained; getting to the bottle of window cleaner or all-purpose spray is just a spin away. If you don’t have enough space for a Lazy Susan, install a heavy-duty tension rod and hang spray bottles across the rod from their nozzles. Install hooks (ones with the sticky backing leave no marks) on the inside cabinet doors for a place to hang dish towels. Use inexpensive plastic bins to group cleaning products by category – glass cleaners, stain remover, carpet cleaners, etc.

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