Napping, the secret of a happy life


The secret of happy life is simple. A nap of fewer than 30 minutes proved to increase our happiness.

The secret of happy life is simple. A nap of fewer than 30 minutes proved to increase our happiness.

The researchers found a new word to describe the feeling of satisfaction after a short nap: “happiness”.

Prof. Richard Wiseman, of the University of Hertfordshire, said: “Previous research has shown that napping under 30 minutes makes us more focused, productive and creative, and our research finds that we can also be happier with a short nap.”

But the study found that those who napped longer were less happy than those who did not take a nap at all.

More than 1,000 people took part of this study conducted for the Edinburgh International Science Festival. Among the participants, 66 percent of short-nap (less than half an hour) reporters reported happy feelings compared to 56 percent of longtime papers and 60 percent who never napped.

The short napper has an average happiness score of 3.67 on a 5-point scale. While the non-napping actors are on a scale of 3.52 and the perpetrator takes a 3.44 long-nap.

Research also proves that 43 percent of participants aged 18-30 years old sleep during the day compared to only 30 percent of those aged over 50 years.

Only 11 percent said they were allowed to take a nap in the workplace. In fact, much research proves a short nap improves performance. “Employees need to be aware of the benefits of napping in the office,” he said.

A nap between 20 to 30 minutes mentioned enhances creativity, focus, and performance.

One study conducted at NASA’s space agency on drowsy military pilots found a 26-minute siesta when the co-pilots took control of raising alertness by 54 percent.

On the other hand, a long nap and often associated with an 82 percent increased a risk of heart disease.

Former British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher claim to often sleep several hours overnight. But they regularly sleep during the day.

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