This Is The Meaning Of A True Happiness

Happy, happy, joy or laughter is an expression of the positive emotions or happiness that every human being has. And without them knowing, in fact all humans are continuing to pursue their happiness respectively.

But what exactly is the meaning of a happiness ??

As you live your life by the Purpose that the Creator puts on your life, you realize that you are pursuing something bigger than yourself. There are two things that every one of us should understand about the meaning and understanding of happiness itself.

  1. Every purpose of life that the Creator puts on a person’s life is always shown to make the person to be a useful person for many others.

When you have found your true purpose in life, you will always find yourself created by God to be a blessing to others. As successful, as powerful and rich as you are, you will become meaningless when you are enjoying the joy of being alone. But different and will be more meaningful and valuable when all that you can enjoy and share with others.

Try to find a ‘bridgehead’ that can condition yourself to start sharing your happiness with others. This will only make you enjoy the happiness of a larger and lasting.

  1. We need to redefine the understanding we have all about happiness. Many people understand happiness as a moment or when we achieve and receive something.

In fact, the reason someone continues to be burned by the fire of ambition and ultimately ends up being someone who is greedy or never satisfied with what he has is because the understanding he has about happiness is by receiving or getting something.

When you get something, you will feel a happiness but the happiness will always be temporary. And for the sake of feeling the same happiness, you must get something else and in greater or greater quantities. Slowly but surely, you are growing an ‘addictive feeling’ that makes you turn into someone who is never satisfied with what you already have. It’s different when you understand happiness as a moment to give or share what you have with others.

The moment of sharing with others you live will create a different sense of happiness. You will enjoy a portion of life that cannot be taken by anyone that is a true life happiness. And the sense of happiness will always be stored in your memory so that whenever you recall the moment of sharing, then the same sense of happiness will reappear.

To start sharing, we do not have to have everything first. Start with what we now have and keep growing in sharing happiness with many others.

Author: NAE

Happy Life Quotes When you get billed by your doctor, this time you will remember until now, your gods never billed anything for you.

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