Your Life Is So Fretful, You Might Have Been Forgotten Grateful


Grateful for the good nature that must be done by humanity on this earth in the form of gratitude to the owner of the universe that has given all that we can enjoy on this earth. The form of gratitude we chant with us run his command and keep all his prohibitions and always do good with other people, living creatures and the natural environment around. But that we sometimes forget and we lose in our daily lives and we are very busy with the world we have today and we never again pronounce his name in our prostrations to thank him for the breath he gave today so that when time Our life how narrow and restless feeling.

Grateful for the good nature that must be done by humanity on this earth in the form of gratitude to the owner of the universe that has given all that we can enjoy on this earth. The form of gratitude we chant with us run his command and keep all his prohibitions and always do good with other people, living creatures and the natural environment around. But that we sometimes forget and we lose in our daily lives and we are very busy with the world we have today and we never again pronounce his name in our prostrations to thank him for the breath he gave today so that when time Our life how narrow and restless feeling.

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Sometimes we who have achieved dreams and success in our careers forget what we have promised in the past when we are in trouble we are so diligent to undergo orders and keep the ban, but when all that there we do not remember it anymore and we have used that his fortune for the unfavorable and we are very far from the word of gratitude to thank him. We used to be so diligent when the night went by to get something that is targeted in life, now you have been there and you have sat where you want to be there, but after all that you get, you are so forgetful and indifferent with What you ask and what you have promised in your heart to the power to use what has been entrusted to you.

You use all the luck of your god for bad things, you no longer give him thanks in the prostration of your gratitude so that your life is far from blessings and inspiration and surely you will always feel restless, anxious, panicked, stressed and away from the light. Hurry prostrate to him before it’s too late and get back on the road you once lived well where even the difficult circumstances but your heart and soul are so peaceful and serene. Better yet, when you have everything, then use them well in accordance with what has been his way and always thank him for what you have become blessed and safe.

Grateful For Every Day

There may be some things you should be grateful for every day, to make your life happier. Among others are:

  • Can still wake up in the morning

The most basic simple thing to be grateful for is still being able to wake up in for a day without any lack of anything. Just imagine when you sleep there is an earthquake and you do not know. When you wake up with pain, it turns your legs on the walls of your room. A little more. But not impossible, right? So, you should be grateful if this morning you still wake up in good health.

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  • Grate Your Complete Body Members Without Anything Less

Another thing you should be grateful for is yourself also your complete body parts. Many people who have disabilities but can live happier. Just look at Nick Vujicic, a motivator who has no hands and no legs. If he just kept on lamenting his life and regretting why God made it that way, there probably would not have been Nick the motivator. He is very grateful to be able to make a big difference in other people’s lives. You can also imitate it. Do not forget to continue to be grateful yes.

  • Be grateful for what you already have

Are you sad because your mama can not provide the latest gadget output? Do not drama by saying ‘Mama no more love me!’ You try to position yourself as a parent who has slammed the bones every day in order to give the best for his children. Sometimes, instead of parents being unable or unable to provide it, they want to train you to save money or be more grateful for what you have right now. Moreover, your phone can still be used for a selfie and social media. Still not enough?

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  • Your Health Is Everything You Have to Be Always Grateful For

You should also be more grateful for the health that God has given you. You can move without obstruction and without pain complaints. Try if you get sick, can you move well? Certainly not doing. Well, from now on thankful for every health that God gives to you.

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  • Not only healthy that you should be grateful.

Pain also you should be grateful. Why, why sick must be grateful too? Though it sick was not good. Why even be grateful anyway? Pain should be grateful for the pain, you can introspect on your business, your diet, and so forth that can remind you to be more serious health. If you never feel the symptoms of pain, suddenly you have a deadly disease. It’s so sad, is not it?

  • The Trivial Thing Too Many Times Without Realizing We Are Truly Meaningful

Little things like a cooking mom that you can still feel should also be grateful. Because not everyone can eat mama cuisine every day. So, be thankful for the little things. Not just the big ones you’re grateful for. Not only trivial things like mama’s cooking alone. Other crumbs you should be grateful for is clean water that you can enjoy or your clothes are still worth using. Maybe your brand shoes are still good. Many people out there who cannot even enjoy clean water. So, even if it is only water, it should still be grateful.

  • Honest Companions are the Most Beautiful Things to be Grateful for

Be grateful that you still have friends or friends who are honest, supportive people, criticize you openly, and not talk about you behind you. You cannot do everything from starting a task to shopping alone. You need help from your best friend. So, be grateful you still have friends. Whether it’s a lot or a small amount. Including if they are quite ‘unique’, it means they can also accept your uniqueness.

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  • Be Thankful Your Single Status Or Singles

Not everyone who is dating his life happy you know! There is also a sad after having a boyfriend because they cannot spend time with friends, siblings, and older siblings at home. Maybe you also can not have my time. Sometimes singles should be thankful because with to singles you have, can make you more productive. How unproductive? You guys have plenty of time to explore and try new things without having to report every hour to the girlfriend.

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  • The Family Who Always Accepts You It Is

In life, it’s common to argue with parents because of their different opinions. But that means they still care about you. Be thankful that you still have a complete parent. Many children out there are praying to be reunited with their parents. While you can still kiss their cheeks, eat mama’s cooking every morning, or accompany your dad to wash the car.

  • Jobs and Activities That Still Give You Opportunities to Work

No matter how busy you are, after all your work, do not forget to be grateful. Maybe out there a lot of people are struggling to get your job right now. With so much activity or work, it proves that you are still entrusted with the task, and of course, others see you able to do the job. So, keep the spirit on the move and of course should always be grateful yes.

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  • Get School and Lecture

Many who want to feel the school. Uh, you who have been educated and funded by your parent’s hobby truant. Mending you exchange a day with those who cannot afford. To know how important it is to go to school. If we are given the luck to be able to study science well or as high as possible, thank goodness by way of learning well and reach for the future as well as you can get.

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  • Luck You Have

Sometimes, we get lucky like buying a free beverage, can be an additional discount from the department store, or meet with a lover in the bookstore. Cherish every moment so that you have more reasons to be grateful!

  • The Journey of Life that Always Gives Lessons in Every Second

The journey of your life that many lessons are worthy of your gratefulness. What you’ve got, the loss you’ve got, and the things you’ve learned. Failure, sadness, the experience of falling in every journey of life is the most precious teacher. By feeling the pain, we are taught to be grateful when happy.

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  • A Hopeful Future in Our Lives

We never know what will happen in the future, but be grateful for it and be grateful for what is to come is a very important thing to do.

  • Thanks, Please, and Sorry

Sometimes the words of gratitude and help are always ignored. Though the impact is very unusual who for you and others. By always thanking you, please, and I’m sorry, you’ve included being grateful for being able to love your friends’ help and certainly appreciate their help. If you value friends/people who help you, of course, you will also be appreciated.

Good and Bad

Every event in this world has two sides, good and bad. Someone who too often sees bad things, sometimes difficult to see good things. But, that does not mean we have no reason to be grateful. Besides all of the above, what else is the reason you are thankful today?

Indeed everyone would crave a better chance in life but whose word changes for the better is difficult? Changes do not have to be massive immediately. Start with the little things you do constantly. A good change will bring you to a person who is more grateful and happy.

People who can be grateful are those who are grateful when his life goes according to his wishes but complains when distress comes. While people who are grateful can still give thanks even when life goes not as expected. This awareness makes a set in the heart will force yourself to be someone who is grateful, not just be grateful.

not almost everyday

Being grateful for the blessings that God has given us one of the conditions for a better life. With gratitude will make us happier. Our feelings become more comfortable and comfortable with gratitude. How not, our minds will focus on the various goodness we receive.

When you are disappointed, take time to be grateful, because in your life there are still things that go as it should be

While the more grateful the more positive feelings are inside you the more motivation you have to become a better person. In fact, being grateful will shape the optimistic mindset to achieve success.

Life, maybe not everyone knows what life means, sometimes we only know that life if we are still alive, can eat and drink without us knowing how life is defined. That is why people will find it difficult to accept what happens in their lives if the trials and problems come in due time because they do not know very well what life is.

Life in this world is so true, full of mysteries that we do not know the least what will happen in our time. If we walk with the provisions of life that well than anything that will happen we will be calm to live it but if ourselves crisis about it then we are not woven in living we live in this world.

The omnipotent never gives an instant thing in this world but sees the extent to which he tries and appreciates the life he has. If every time he always understands what the meaning of life is not far away from the things that may happen, then the unrest and dormant life will be far from him, but if he always never remember and feel more aware of what happens in this life then he will Get things like that anyway that will never calm down in his time.

not almost everyday

Life in this world is only temporary, not worth even if you spend only to keep silence without any behavior in it. No matter how difficult your circumstances, if you look at tomorrow with a full confidence and extraordinary gratitude to the creator of your life then your life will feel to be lived, if only complained without any action in it than at any time life will always like that and maybe will Worse than what you feel right now.


So there’s no need for you to feel that if you’re the hardest to live in this world, you feel the poorest in the world and the humblest in the world, live your time well and be grateful for what you have filled in the time you’ve lived and what you’ve got then your life will feel Calm and calm to make themselves better.

Hopefully useful for you all, thank you.


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