Key To Happy Life

The key to happy life, is it happy who does not want to live happily? But what is the meaning of happiness? do you know what the true meaning of happiness is? do you think a happy life has a lot of treasures? have abundant wealth, and everywhere, not enough wives, handsome looks, abundant jewels, and money can no longer be counted by numbers, is that all the meaning of happiness? No! Happy there is only one, that is.

The heart is so true, only one place of happiness is the heart, only the heart can feel happy, sad, touched, and whatever we can feel. Be careful who understand the feelings of our lives, then whether if we have many treasures we will be happy? not necessarily! What are the treasures of treasure that we get in a way that is not true? Surely we will be haunted by many kinds of fears, just as we do because we know what we do wrong.

On the contrary, if we only have enough wealth to eat and drink and then we are not happy? Not necessarily also, as we discussed above, the happiness is in one place, that is the heart. So if we can afford to be grateful for what we have, even if it’s just a single grain of rice to eat, we will be able to feel a wonderful pleasure and make our hearts calm, comfortable, and feel what happiness is, if we are able to receive sincerely.

Is it hard to achieve happiness? no! Simple questions, brief explanations about the heart, who has a heart? everyone has it, so the conclusion? everyone can feel the meaning of happiness. What makes it hard for us to feel the happiness? the desire, desire to have without thinking in a rational way that makes us forget ourselves and too focused to achieve what we want, so we will feel like being pursued by a demand to meet our desires, is not it? Have you ever felt such a thing? if yes life would be short, and we cannot reach the point of happiness.

Why are so many rich people happy? not necessarily! yes, we as others who can correct the lives of others will assume if the rich are happy, but in fact, the evidence is not necessarily what we think is true, like our discussion above.

Happy, happy, and happy. Many people want a happy life, but too ambitious to take over the world, will not get to the desired destination, for sure. Perhaps this has become the destiny of the power to create human beings with all kinds of different kinds and kinds that every person has the difference, it is amazing, make life interesting and not make it monotonous, my word of admiration is spoken to you Almighty God.

Basically, people who are more concerned with desire more difficult to enjoy life than those who are full of patience and sincerity to accept the circumstances it will make us comfortable, enjoying even though there is much pain we feel. Begin to live a simple, medical proof, uncomfortable body state more susceptible to disease decreased immunity, this will add anxiety and further distanced the heart from happiness

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Happy Life Quotes When you get billed by your doctor, this time you will remember until now, your gods never billed anything for you.

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