IOTA downtime solved: IOTA is back on live


The IOTA network was unable to process transactions for more than 15 hours after a software error caused a “corrupt ledger state”. While IOTA’s developers were able to solve the problem, there was sharp criticism of the company’s response. 

Users who wanted to send money via IOTA were unlucky on Sunday, as the network was unavailable for most of the day. The ambitious project, which struggles with both acceptance and a slow development process, encountered a bug on Sunday morning that prevented the recording of transactions. You were also not able to buy IOTA in such an easy way like explained in this article. 

The problem in Mainnet lasted well over 15 hours, with countless users complaining to Reddit and Twitter that they could not use the network. When the first complaints about the network failure appeared, IOTA co-founder David Sønstebø responded to the users’ statements and explained that the network had a “small bug”.

He called on IOTA users to “show some gratitude” as the IOTA developers had dropped “everything” to solve the problem as quickly as possible. Soon after, IOTA developer Gal Rogozinski released a Mainnet upgrade that solved the problem that was hampering the network. The problem was fixed in version 1.8.3, the developer said.

In a GitHub post it said

There is a borderline case where IRI [IOTA reference implementation] did not consider a transaction shared by two different bundles. Once it was marked as ‘counted’ in one bundle, it was ignored for the next bundle.

Everything works except the one thing that is important

The news that IOTA had not been active for more than 15 hours spread like wildfire through the crypto community. However, it wasn’t the bug itself that caused many to criticize the network, but the way the IOTA team dealt with the problem.

Sønstebø classified the bug as “minor” and said that the biggest problem was the fact that it happened during the holidays. He said:

It is really no different from the times when the network was flooded with spam and the real Tx (note: transactions) were significantly slowed down.

Dave de Fijter, a lead developer of IOTA, said that the tangle itself was working when he was asked about the error, adding that value transactions were the only thing that was “not confirmed”.

These reactions earned IOTA a place in the comedy section of the CryptoCurrency Subreddit. The reactions to the post were mixed, to say the least, with half of the Reddit community ridiculing IOTA for its poor handling of the topic, while the other half defended the team and demanded that the topic be removed from the “Comedy” section.

“I used to be interested in IOTA, but I stopped following it because of the developers’ attitude,” wrote one Reddit user, repeating the opinion of many others who joined the discussion. Some even pointed out that the downtime the network has seen has shown that IOTA cannot compete with Bitcoin or Ethereum, both of which have had (near) “100% uptime” since their inception.

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