How to Spruce Up Your Backyard

In recent years the backyard has become a major highlight of family life and social events for friends. All that’s needed is creative design and planning. It’s important to consider how you use your backyard. For some individuals, it may be more suitable as a place to relax and enjoy the scenery at the end of a stressful day. For other more active individuals, the backyard can be a place where the kids can play badminton or adults can play volleyball with friends. If a backyard has a swimming pool, the outdoor decor should be designed for this purpose. Many individuals prefer a functional use for their backyards for picnics and barbecues. All of these features need to be incorporated into the design and planning of sprucing up your backyard.

The Basics of Sprucing Up Your Backyard

Designing the ideal backyard begins with the basics. Choose a “theme” for your backyard so patio furnishings and other features offer balanced design. Themes may be nautical, rustic or even a classical English garden. Patio furniture that’s worn or appears shabby should be replaced. Buy patio furniture that coordinates or purchase it in pieces that contrast with your chosen backyard theme. If your patio furniture is relatively new or in good condition, give a fresh new look to the backyard with new patio cushions. Rearrange patio furniture in picturesque styles for convenience and maximum comfort.

A Garden of Beauty and Serenity

If your backyard will be a quiet retreat from the world outside, choose potted greens and colorful flowers to create a lush green and flower-scented haven. Add comfortable patio furniture, lovely low lights, a stepping stone pathway, whimsical birdbaths, interesting sculptured statuary or a brightly colored gazing ball. If you prefer a more rustic look when sprucing up your backyard, consider a rock garden, a sturdy hammock and decorative wrought iron accents. Instead of low lights, shop for copper wire string lights to pick up the theme of your backyard. You’ll create an artistic appeal that is inviting and comfortable. If you are an art lover, even a small backyard can become an artistic respite. Choose a garden wall to hang artwork or for a more decorative look, hang art from a wrought iron trellis with a background of roses or climbing clematis. This is a great way to provide a pleasant floral scent and an opportunity to enjoy works of art.

The Right Lighting to Highlight a Spruced-Up Backyard

For backyards with decks, outdoor kitchens and swimming pools, light ropes and string lights are a necessity for extending the use of your backyard. For the pool area, choose two or more strings of seven-foot Starry lights. These provide a wonderful starlit reflection on pool water and create a magical effect as these lights dance to the movement of the water. More lighting ideas and lights can be found at

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