Here’s How to Live Happy With Being Yourself

We start with easy questions, are you happy? Want to answer yes, but often many problems. Want to be answered no, how life feels irrelevant if answered unhappy. Is not happy a classic reason for many people.

Being happy will bring the quality of life for a better person, because there is spirit, hope, and joy in life. A child who is familiarized and educated happily will be an intelligent and creative child.

Happy is contagious, just as with fear and anxiety. For example, you smile greeting others sincerely, usually will smile back you, praising the appearance of a friend well will usually increase the intensity of his sense of happiness, providing small help can also help make people happier.

Happy is like falling in love, when you fall in love with people, things, or work all feels good, run with passion and cheerfulness. Well, in these conditions usually “performance” someone will be very good. If the person works in the office then the results will be maximized.

Because happy can be transmitted, then the question is whether your parents are happy? Is your family happy? Make this a moment’s reflection.

Why are not people happy? One easy answer is, because it does not live as it should. Or worse, do not know the purpose of his life. Not living life as it should. Do not understand, why he must exist in this world, and what is the function of his life.

There are people who feel in love with music, but the school is accounting (because of the urgings of parents), so he lived a hard life. Like a fish that must live in the water, but forced to live on land.

Or someone who loves sports, say soccer, but is forced to study law. Can he perform well in his school? Can the maximum in school? Cannot.

Usually at a certain point there will be saturation and temporary off. Off state is a situation where life is so boring, bored, and frustrating.

How to solve all this? Take the attitude to not have to blame others, although this life sometimes becomes misguided due to the actions and contributions of others. Respond calmly and well first. Anger and blame often do not make things better.

Develop a grateful awareness. You need discipline in gratitude, do intentionally and routinely. Not just children, but parents also need. Just do it regularly.

Write 10 things you are grateful for today, such as “I am grateful for the cool and clean air, I am grateful for a decent meal, I am grateful for the work of today, the healthy body, the money available, and much more.”

When you are grateful you are grateful, when you thank you as if receiving a good in life. Whether it’s a comfortable environment, clean air and others. As this gets used, the happy temperature in your life automatically increases. Easy is not it?

We are not accustomed and taught the discipline to be grateful. Though this is important, for our daily performance in the move. For those of you a teacher who reads this paper, maybe this could be a tip to do in school.

For parents, every child usually can be observed what is his interest and talent. If you are selfish to set your goals and standards on a child, you are indirectly damaging his happy future. If your child likes music but you are forced to study and business school then you are burying his talent.

Did you know that in the present, every week there are 5 old professions that disappear and emerge 7 new professions. For example, now the toll booths have started to be replaced with machines, as are parking attendants, and so on.

Do not force children to live in your day, or the age of your mindset. Release their creativity and interest develop, because in his era will be very different from the present.

I talked to the owner of my salon that I knew well for 5 months. She told me and consulted me after knowing my background as an educator. His 13-year-old son, has dismantled 2 laptops worth 4 million and 8 million.

But this good parent does not give up, he knows his son’s favorite. He wanted to find the best school for his son to learn computer hardware and software, starting to be directed from now according to the will of his son. The child is also invited to discuss about his preferences and studies. Glad I heard this. A child who knows the purpose and a truly grown-up parent.

Author: NAE

Happy Life Quotes When you get billed by your doctor, this time you will remember until now, your gods never billed anything for you.

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