How to Know When Your House Needs Repainting


Homeowners eventually come around to asking when their home should be repainted. It is one of the more common questions a contractor will hear. Any home with aluminum siding, cedar clapboard, or wood siding and trim will eventually need repainting.

A good house paint and proper application will last up to eight years or more. Most people in America can expect to repaint their home every five to seven years on average. When, exactly, to repaint depends upon several factors, not the least of which is whether you are ready for a change in look for your home.

Factors for the repainting End of lease building repaints equation include the type of paint last used, your area’s climate, and the material that makes up your home’s exterior.

If you are not sure when your home was last painted or what was used and how it was done, then you will need to examine the exterior to find out what sort of shape it’s in. If you have wood siding on your home, for instance, and the paint at the bottom and around edges is beginning to flake, it’s probably time to start getting together the tools to paint your house. Similarly, if your cedar finish is flaking off of the clap boards, you need to refinish.

A home with aluminum siding that is beginning to fade or chip, or otherwise show signs of age is ready for a new coat of paint. Concrete fiber can also show those kinds of aging.

When the signs begin to appear, you are now on the clock. If the damage appearing is relatively minor (or is on aluminum), you can put off painting for another year if your budget won’t yet allow or the weather is soon going to turn harsh. Otherwise, you will need to get going on it quickly.

The longer you wait to repaint, the more work it will take and the higher the costs will be once you do get around to it. This is especially the case with wooden trim around doors and windows, as it often has more surface exposure.

In fact, in harsh climates, such as the colder states of Wyoming or Montana, many people will paint the trim on their homes every other year while painting their whole house every six or seven years. In comparison to the flat and protected walls, wood trim can really take a beating.

Some general rules:

-If your home is brand new, then it is likely the paint will only last about five years because the contractor probably only put on one coat of paint.

-If you live in an area with a lot of hot, low-humidity sunlight such as Arizona, you will likely have to repaint much more often than otherwise. Expect to repaint a wood-sided home every four to five years.

-If your area experiences harsh winters, you will either need to repaint more often or use more coats when you do. This goes doubly for trim and exposed corners.

-If your home has aluminum siding, you can expect to repaint it every 7 to 10 years if a good paint is used. While vinyl never needs repainting, it can fade over time.

These ideas will hopefully help you decide when is the best time to repaint. Ask a professional if you have any doubts. Most bids and assessments are free and an honest contractor will tell you when you can wait a while before repainting.

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