How SEO works on the Google search engine


SEO is all site optimization related to search engines such as google, yahoo, bing. SEO can be said to be part of organic search engine marketing.

Basically, SEO is a technique of designing and developing a website. In order to occupy the top ranking in search engine search results + make the quality of content perfect on the User / Boot search engine side.

And in this article we will discuss how the search engine works as well as how this LinkHelpers SEO Phoenix works.

How the Search Engine Works

Search engines carry out activities or system algorithms implemented including:

  • Crawl

Crawling is the process of retrieving all web page data that is on the Internet. This task is carried out by software called crawlers / spiders or Googlebot in search engines, especially Google.

Spider or googlebot will only crawl sites with the “Index / Follow” meta tag and not be blocked (allow) through the code: robots.txt

  • Indexing

Indexing is the process of creating an index (URL / Meta Tag) on ​​all web pages stored in a search engine database.

Basically indexing is the process of identifying content or descriptions that make the page enter into search engine databases with certain keywords.

  • Processing

The search engine receives a request from the user when typing in the keyword “How SEO works”, proceed to the system Algorithm for sorting, data search using (Class program) which consists of ± 200 determinants into an indexed database or can be called (Fetch Data )

The next step is SEND DATA, where the site index data (snippets) will be saved in Google Cache. To be displayed in search results. Google cache will be updated after Google Spider or Crawl crawls & re-indexes.

  • Calculating Relevancy

In one web page, there must be many number of sample keywords in the keyword ” SEO Meaning”, so the search engine will do the process of calculating the relevance of each page that has been indexed.

  • Retrieving Result

Retrieve the results of site data (Index) that are very relevant to the keywords that have been processed before and then display to a list of search results in the browser.

Search engines like Google and Yahoo! will update the System Algorithm relating to the technique of relevance of search results, so that the user search results will match the keywords typed.

The way organic SEO works, runs on the path / search engine mechanism with ± 200 SEO factors & Algorithms that have been made by search engines.

Sites that have the best quality content especially for users and follow guidelines, SEO factors & Algorithms will appear on page 1 of Google (ranking # 1).

The progress of SEO performance for websites on the Google search engine will show results for at least 1-3 months ahead and will continue to increase frequently.

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