Hottest Black and Purple Hair Colour Ideas


Black and purple hair has become so popular, and it seems it is the talk of the town right now. Purple hair, to be specific has become the centre of attention in the whole scene. With varying hues of plum, violet, lilac, and lavender to select from, there is something for every woman.

And when it comes to movement, these hairstyles are second to none. For that reason, we have listed the hottest black and purple hair colour tips and ideas we came across on the internet. We will tell you how to style these haircuts at home seamlessly.

  1. Purple Magic.

This purple ombre is a special combination of shades. The messy brown hair takes in purple hues at the middle lengths of this style. The purple begins with light pink undertones and quickly takes on strong blue tones. The outcome is surely magical.

  1. Midnight Ombre.

Black and purple colours make the best combination. This black and purple hair has given this duo total justice. The natural black is coloured with the gray purple and with such a seamless blending becomes hard to tell where the black shade begins and where the purple ends.

  1. Displaced Purple.

If you are looking for a voluminous hairstyle, this is the best haircut for you. This glam ombre begins with deep eggplant roots and melts to lavender. The hints of violet-blue at the middle shaft help increase dimension and volume to the style.

 If you manes lacklustre, you cannot get it wrong if you choose this haircut.

  1. Plum Blend.

Plum is so rich, and we can taste, and hear it. Not to say that the touch and blending on this haircut is the real deal. The natural chocolate effortlessly changes into a cherry-plum shade. The haircut like this is very versatile, and the sure-fire way to appear great throughout every season.

  1. Molten Lilac.

We are in love with this undercut with intricate amethyst undertones. The transition throughout the middle length layers assumes a strong, but pastel violet hues and the ends are coloured in gorgeous lilac.

  1. Purple Infinity.

Braids and shaded hair complement each other perfectly. This haircut incorporates a quick melt at the middle lengths. The change starts with a deep purple that mixes the purple and brown-fuchsia. This dark ombre is suitable for all hair types, and all skin undertones.

  1. Gothic Fairy-tale.

In this black and purple hair, the black gothic roots melt to a deep purple. The purple quickly melts to a soft lilac. So if you were looking the best way to let the Goth in you, this purple ombre look is specifically meant for you.

  1. Dusty Lavender.

The ash undertones on this dusty lavender hair colour have us talking — the gray roots on this haircut melt to a pigmented lavender that fades out into ashy tones.

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