Happy Life Tricks

Everyone is looking for happiness. Including you, me and hundreds of millions of other human beings on earth. When you ask anybody ‘what do you want to get in this life?’. Most people will answer ‘I want to be happy’ as one of the things they most want.

Then, the next question arises, ‘Are you happy already?’. Some say, ‘yes, I’m happy’. Likewise, some others will complain ‘I’m not happy’.

However, the most important question is ‘what is happy’? We can accomplish something if it is clearly defined. Like when you want to go somewhere, you know the address first and then find a way to get there. We too will achieve a happy state if we know where we will go.

Some argue that the definition of happiness is:

Has a nice house, a luxury car, a beautiful wife, and cute kids.

Then, what if you do not find the desired thing above, does this mean the person becomes ‘unhappy’?

Happy life Tricks

Happy Life Tricks

You want to know what is Happy Life Tricks? Happiness can not be judged by how much money it has. No matter how much money or possessions, some people feel that they are not happy. Happiness is a state of mind. Whatever strata of life is carried, if the mind is always positive then life is always happy.

So, if someone wants a happier life, it’s worth throwing away four things below

1. Ignore The Will of Others

Try to be a person who does everything because of self-desire, not someone else’s. Why make others happy, if self-tortured? So, from now on, ignore the will of others if it is not fun for yourself.

2. Maintenance Your Social Media

Social media makes it easier for someone to pour out their hearts and minds. But, it should be remembered also, no need to broadcast in social media. Self enough alone who feel it live more.

3. Life is Simple

Spending money on unnecessary things will not bring happiness to you. Simple life allows one to live happier because it is not burdened with material to meet everyday lifestyle.

4. Eliminate The Worried Nature

Worry just torture yourself. Eliminate the bad nature of this one so you are happier.

Author: NAE

Happy Life Quotes When you get billed by your doctor, this time you will remember until now, your gods never billed anything for you.

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