Happy Life Recipes, Happiness is simple

Happiness is simple

One’s happiness is determined by the ability to accept things, to see situations from a positive point of view, to live the meaning of life experience, to give up his experience as a change in life, and to break away from the shackles of emotional experience.

But unknowingly we often postpone our own happiness with the thought: ‘If I have any money. I will be happy’ . Or ‘If I have a job like a i’m definitely happy. Or, ‘If my children are successful, I’m just happy’. But are we really going to be happy once that hope materializes? Why not try to feel happy right now? Even small things can make you feel happy, really. Consider these eight tips.

  1. Find the little pleasures in everyday life

Do one thing you love every day even if it is very trivial. For example, sipping a cup of milk coffee in the morning, calling an old friend, or getting massaged by the book subscription. If you do it regularly, your life will feel lighter. Celebrate the little pleasures by enjoying them.

  1. Do not forget to be grateful

Train your ‘gratitude muscles’ all the time. Being grateful means focusing your thoughts and feelings on the good things in life. The trick, accept first a failure, then switch thoughts to other things that run smoothly. For example, you do not get the promotion you’re after, but soon you’re celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary with your husband in a romantic restaurant. This celebration you need to be grateful, is not it? After all, when we are grateful, endorphins (hormones that create pleasure) will flow more smoothly in the body.

  1. Share

Sharing does not have to be if we already have a lot of money or other treasures. Share of the little things we have. Share a smile, share laughter, share food, share a lunch with someone out there. Feel the pleasure when you see the smiles of others while you share.

  1. Adapt to stress

Accept and be familiar with a million daily problems in our lives. Do not allow yourself to be over-pressured and upset by it. Stress is a manageable condition… Be calm and grateful for the problem, because then once the problem is missed, you will benefit a lot from the process enjoy.

But actually, many ways to relieve stress, one of them by saying affirmations. When the stress comes, realize it and accept it. Then, inhale and exhale. Say a positive sentence that fits your needs at that moment. For example, if you’re afraid, say: ‘I’m protected and safe’. If you are anxious, say: ‘I am calm and balanced’.

  1. Sport is fun

Exercising is important, but how do you want to exercise regularly and give optimal effect on the body if you do not do it yourself with happy? All you need to do is look for 1001 fun ways to move your body. For example, join a salsa class, gardening, playing in the park with a nephew, or take the a walk around the complex every morning. You can also start more with the stairs than the elevator or park the car in a place some distance from the entrance of your destination building.

  1. Live right now.

This is the hardest but actually, this is the main key. Be present! Live without worrying about the future and not get carried away by the bitterness of the past. Not life without planning the future you know ?! but live without excessive worry. Remember, we can plan many things, do. Then surrendered it to God’s will what is best for us. Do not think about tomorrow’s plans when your child wants to share stories about her day at school when we meet at night. Enjoy every moment with 100% there at that time. You will feel the difference.

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Happy Life Quotes When you get billed by your doctor, this time you will remember until now, your gods never billed anything for you.

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