Happy Is It Simple, Like This Is The Formula

With all the business in the office, sometimes we forget the word ‘happy’. Yet happy that we can get it simple and free. Try these ways you often forget this.

Maybe we often see some memes and status of friends who use the phrase “happy is simple”. Yes, happily is simple, but sometimes we forget to give thanks. This is what makes people always feel deprived and never satisfied. Yet the happy formula is simple. It’s just we who do not realize it.

For some people, the content to achieve happiness is not the same. Even until someone has to spend a lot of money to be happy. But not always money to guarantee happiness. Try to remember when we last smiled? When was the last helping others and making people happy? Simple things that sometimes we forget it can make us happy. Happy will certainly make us stay young. Agree?

Consider the following formulas. Simple, but often we forget.

  1. Always grateful

People who are always grateful away from stress. Those who forget to be grateful will always feel there is a deficiency in him. Humans are sometimes easy to feel insatiable, but with gratitude, we will feel happy. As simple as being grateful for friends, parents, and family around us, being grateful for health, and thankful for the fortune. Try to remember again what simple things we have forgotten to be grateful. Come on, do not forget to be grateful, to live a happier life.

  1. Enjoy all the processes

Someone who always complains of course because they feel never full. The process of his life was not always as smooth as he had hoped. Yes, failure certainly causes stress. But if we learn from failure, it will be better. All human beings will meet the process. So we should be able to enjoy the process we are living.

  1. Look forward, not in the rearview mirror

Someone who cannot move on it will be hard to move forward. His life will always be in the shadows of the past. For example, when in a new work environment, you feel uncomfortable with the environment and hope to meet with friends like in the old office. If you think that way, your life will be stuck and cannot move forward.

  1. Make a short list of simple things that give pleasure

Work in the office that piles up and you feel not eager to do it? Easy, you just need paper and pencil. Write down to do list wishes that make you happy. In addition, to make it easy, make to-do list will make you feel satisfied when all the work on the list was successfully completed. This sense of satisfaction that can bring a sense of pride and happiness. It’s like being able to achieve goals in life.

  1. Do something positive

By doing a positive thing happiness not only for yourself but also the happiness of others. For example, take the time to help others. When we see other people happy, we must be happy.

  1. Think of something positive

People who always think positive will be much happier than those who are busy criticizing life. The reason, when we think positive, our aura will be better and our faces do not become tangled and dull. When we think of good things a positive aura will automatically follow us.

  1. Me time

Many ways to spend time for yourself. This is a way to cure stress. One of the simplest is to sleep while listening to music. A scientist reveals that music can produce a feeling of happiness through the brain. When was the last time you were shopping, watching a movie, or just walking alone? If it has not been done for a long time, it is worth trying again as a refreshing and to feel freer.

Author: NAE

Happy Life Quotes When you get billed by your doctor, this time you will remember until now, your gods never billed anything for you.

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