Happiness Is Simple

Many people who want to be happy in this world, but to this day have not felt the real happy. They assume that happiness is when you are rich, if you already have a high position, when married, if you have children, if you already have title bachelor, if you have everything and if other. Happy they are many conditions and also many wants, want a nice and comfortable.


Being happy does not need much of this and that requirement, which actually makes us hard to be happy. If we want to be happy, then it is not necessary to be fulfilled first of all our desires. Hurry now / today, not wait tomorrow or next month, let alone wait next year. Because really “happy is simple” is as simple as we smile and give thanks for what we have today.

Being grateful for what we already have means we are thankful to God with a sincere heart. Thank you for using what we already have on the path of beneficial good. The more we are grateful, the easier we feel happy our hearts. And the more we are happy, then we will easily enjoy this life with a heart of peace and comfort.

Sometimes we make it difficult for ourselves by doing complicated things to feel happy. Yet happy is very simple, which happens in our daily lives that we often do not realize this.

Examples of simple things that can make us happy are:

  • Today we can still breathe, smile and healthy.
  • Today we can still get together, talk, joke and laugh with family.
  • Today we can still enjoy the work we love.
  • Today we can still read books with our children.
  • Today we can still drink coffee with our friends.
  • Today we can still tell stories, joke and laugh with our friends.
  • Today we can still sleep soundly and dream beautifully.
  • That is the happiness that we often do not realize and forget all along.

Remember, happy is not as complicated and as difficult as we often think. Happy is simple and there is around our lives every day so far, but often we do not realize. Believe me, happy is the property of all people who are sincere grateful in life.

Author: NAE

Happy Life Quotes When you get billed by your doctor, this time you will remember until now, your gods never billed anything for you.

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