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With an original welcome gift, you do not want to show customers that you find them unique. You also want to show that you are special. So you have to get your welcome present that they are of course at Company. Together with their ‘home baker’ they have come up with their version of Rocky Road Cookies.


Rocky Road is an American dessert cookie. A sturdy and tough chocolate cookie covered with marshmallows, walnuts and a chocolate glaze. The shape of this Rocky Road biscuit is similar to the Company logo and reminds me a little bit of modular chocolate. With the Welcome Gifts, this happens to be the best there.


The company is a graphic design agency. They devise concepts and designs for printed matter, print and online. And if you get there on the coffee, you will probably also receive an original welcome gift. So you want to go there. It is the business gift service of the Company. A graphic design agency designs not only cool gifts but also makes cool concepts for campaigns and communication tools. The company also designs and produces these products itself. And of course, they prove that with this welcome gift.

For centuries, articles have been given away as a promotional product. It is only since the industrial revolution that promotional products have been manufactured in large quantities. Since then, the popularity of the business gift has continued to increase. Why would you choose to distribute business gifts? There are several good reasons for that. We explain them here for you.

The Power of Repetition

90% of people now have a promotional gift in their possession, according to research by the Promotional Product Association. All these people use the business gift they received on average once a day and more than half of the respondents could remember the company that had given the gift. The latter is of course not surprising given the fact that they always see the brand or logo of the donor. With the Custom Varsity Jacket, this is important now.

Change of Brand

After receiving certain products, many people are even willing to change brands. The British Promotional Merchandise Association (BMPA) researched this. Almost half of their respondents would purchase another brand from now on after receiving a kitchen accessory. Perhaps this is because when using business gifts, the recipients can remember the giver twice as often than after seeing a TV commercial or radio advertising.

Fresh in the Memory

More than 75% of the respondents in a survey by the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) could remember after two years from which company he had received a business gift and what the message was. Recipients seemed to use mainly calendars and other useful products. No research showed that giving away business gifts had been a waste of money.

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