Good Relationships, Keys To Healthy And Happy Life

For some, the happiness factor of living primarily lies in achieving financial success and fame. Apparently, happiness is not that simple.

Robert Waldinger, psychiatrist and psychoanalytic expert from The Harvard Study of Adult Development, during a presentation at the TEDxBeaconStreet forum by the end of 2015, says the 75-year study is trying to figure out what makes a person’s life healthy and happy.
Waldinger explained, The Harvard Study of Adult Development team has been recording these people’s journey year after year for decades. He himself was the fourth director in the study.

Of the 724 subjects studied in the last seven decades, about 60 of them are still alive today. They are over 90 years old.

“Since 1938, our team of researchers has documented the lives of two adolescent groups. The first group was a second-year student at Harvard College, they graduated on average during World War II and all went to war. The second group is children from disadvantaged families in the poorest areas of Boston, “he said.

They were asked about how to work, how life at home, to health conditions. But this research is not only by filling out the questionnaire. The respondents were interviewed, as did their families, and their medical examination reports were thoroughly reviewed.
“So what did we learn? What do we get from 10,000 information as tens of thousands of pages of our research results in their lives? One thing is clear: good relationships keep us happier and healthier. “

Waldinger said, in order to gain the happiness of life, people rely on hard work and want to achieve more than we have achieved. We tend to forget a large number of events in our lives. Most of our knowledge comes from asking others about past experiences. Finally, unknowingly, we lose valuable time in life.

“We found that the key to happiness is to foster relationships well,” he continued. “In 75 years, our study shows a pattern; Happy people are people who have good relationships with others, be it family, friends, and community environment. “

Good Relationships, The Key to the Happiness of Life

There are three main things that lead to that conclusion :

  • Social relationships are good for health. Instead, loneliness kills. People who interact more predictably will be healthier and live longer than people who lack social interaction.
  • It is not about quantity but a quality of the relationship. So the number of friends is not a reference, but how closeness in the relationship of friendship is important.
  • Good relationships with others make us not only a healthy body but also our minds. Stepping at the age of 80 years, have a commitment or a permanent partner can bring a sense of security, and recorded people who have a good marriage at the age of 50 years, his health is also good when entering old age. People who are in a marriage that is often hit by the conflict is not good enough physical health.


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