Flower Delivery Vancouver: How Can We Help?


Using flower delivery Vancouver services guarantees you a quality bouquet of flowers especially rose flowers. Roses exist in many colours, and each represents something unique. Therefore, it is imperative to know different colours of rose flowers and what each colour symbolises so to know when to use them.

Roses are often used during valentine’s day. Therefore, whether you are receiving the flowers or you are gifting them to someone, you should understand the message passed on by the roses you are receiving or sending. Don’t worry if you didn’t know this. Vancouver flower delivery services are here to help you to understand everything regarding different shades of roses.

  • Red: I Love You.

A traditional representation of romance and love, roses are the best flowers to tell someone “I love you” with letter l capital. This vibrant and dramatic flower symbolizes love, respect, deep passion for the person receiving it, and that is the key reason it is mostly used on Feb 14th. And during this time, the flower prices skyrocket thanks to its high demand. Don’t worry, if your pocket doesn’t allow you to purchase the entire bouquet; a single flower serves the same purpose served by the entire bouquet.

  • Pink: I Appreciate You.

This romantic colour generally symbolizes femininity and elegance, making it a highly versatile option. Darker pink colours symbolize a more appreciation and gratitude for the recipient. The lighter hues symbolize admiration and gentle grace. Pink roses are suitable for a new relationship.

  • White; We Are Young and Kicking.

These are traditional blooms for weddings, and this makes these flowers a representation of young love. They also symbolize truth, purity, and innocence. A white flower delivery Vancouver on the day of valentine normally delivers a message of loyalty. They are ideal for new couples, but still suitable for young relationships that don’t find red roses suitable for them.

  • Purple: You Enchant Me.

Though purple roses bear a mystical look, they give a bold message of first sight love. And since they also symbolise royalty, these flower bouquets are the best gift to make someone feel like a Camelot queen. Including blue roses to these purple flowers enhances the vibe of these flower delivery Vancouver bouquets. The flowers are not readily found since they are meant to have a bold colour, which sends the message to recipients that they are special.

  • Orange; I Am Passionate About You.

These flowers symbolise desire and enthusiasm. They reveal attraction and admiration to someone, while also giving a message of excitement and passion. A Vancouver flower delivery of coral roses or orange flowers is a suitable choice if you want to tell someone that you should be more than just friends.

  • Yellow: I Like Being Friends with You.

Symbolising friendship, caring and joy, these elegant flowers show affection and warmth for the person receiving them but doesn’t send romantic notions.

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