Do You Write Your Blog Posts/Articles for Your Website?


Do you write your blog content? There are pros and cons to writing it yourself versus farming out the work to a copywriter. We’ll start with the Carmel’s Blog and go from there.

First, no one knows what you want better than you do. It’s your website and possibly your idea that has come to fruition, so what goes on there is very personal to you. Odds are you have a, and you are writing about a specific subject because you are a subject matter expert.  (Are you an SME?)

Your content is significant to the integrity of the site. You want everything to be 100 percent accurate and reflect you in its entirety. If it doesn’t, it could make you look like you don’t know what’s going on in your field. Not good. The point of the blog is to build you up in your audience’s eyes and to grow a relationship with potential customers. If it’s not doing those two things, you may as well shut it down and start an ant farm.

However, maybe you aren’t a writer. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and it is wise to recognize that. Just as you wouldn’t drill out a cavity and give yourself a filling, you don’t want to write your content if it’s like pulling teeth. (Ouch. Okay, I formally apologize for that one.)

However, here’s an example. My wife has a blog about decorating houses. She needs her “about” page written, but has been procrastinating on it for days. She’ll open up a word processing program and stare at the blank screen. She’ll even type a few sentences, but then agonize over how they are structured or how they make her look (and that’s good to a degree, but the assignment never gets completed.)

Some people can sit down and write effectively and quickly. They, so the articles (blog posts) communicate and educate. If you are lucky enough to find someone like that, you hire them if writing is not your thing. You still read the content before it gets posted and maybe make a few editorial changes, but those are easier than writing from scratch.

The other aspect of hiring a ghostwriter is that they should be familiar with SEO and keyword usage. If you are writing without thinking about those two aspects chances are that your blog traffic isn’t going to need the autobahn, a footpath may be all that is required.

However, maybe writing is “sort of” your thing. If that is the case, then hire someone to create some of your content and occasionally write some of your posts. That keeps your hand in the process but allows you to spend time on building your business as well.

In a nutshell, if you like to write and you can do it rather quickly, I would suggest keeping a tight hold on that aspect of your online presence. If you want to write, but thinking about keywords and SEO gives you a headache, pass it on to an expert. Either way, you do it, make sure you keep an eye on what gets posted to your website. Your expertise may be better spent on growing your business, and you can always stay connected by replying to comments made on your blog posts.

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