Cleaning Kitchen Grout


In reality, cleaning the surface of the tile is the easy part. Cleaning the grout is typically much harder. Learning how to clean kitchen grout can be productive and rewarding. Cleaning kitchen grout, can become a lot harder, if you are not hiring house cleaning brampton service if you have not done it is a while. While most tile and grout cleaning projects only take about 20 minutes, some tile and grout cleaning projects can actually take a lot longer to do. The best way to prevent this from happening is to clean you kitchen tile often. Below are a few tips to helping you get started.

Take the time to carefully clean up any mess that might already be existing in the kitchen or on the tile grout. To do this, you may need to use a broom to sweep or you may need to wipe the counters off with a wet sponge. Once this is done are ready for the next step.

Use a mild grout cleaner to get the surface of the grout wet. This mild tile cleaner could be store bought or you could also use diluted bleach (4:1) or diluted white vinegar (2:) Allow the cleaner to sit on the tile or grout for a few minutes to help break down the grease or grime that may be trapped in the porous grout surface.

Using a brush or grout brush, loosen the grime and dirt out of the grout. Then rinse and dry the tile and grout.

If the grout stain persists, you may want to use a little stronger concentrations. Using a spay bottle, apply to the surface of the grout. Allow solution to sit for 15 minutes and see if whitening occurs. Don’t think that your grout is ruined if it doesn’t come up on your first try. Mold and mildew can grow in porous grout surfaces for a long time. If they have been growing for a long time, they just may take a lot longer to clean out.

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