Carpet Cleaning – Help Your Business Project A Professional Image


Professional carpet cleaning can enable you to project a professional image to your clients or impress your friends and relatives with the cleanliness of your carpets and your attention to detail. This can be very important, especially to businesses relying on the image that they present to clients and prospective clients.

Nobody is impressed walking into an office with dirty or stained carpets, and many prospective customers will judge your performance by the attention you pay to details such as the cleanliness of your offices. It is not good business sense to allow carpets to become dirty, and in winter it is very difficult to keep them clean. Professional deep cleaning not only extends the life of office carpets but also presents the image that can make the difference between clinching an order and losing it.

As with domestic carpet cleaning, industrial or business carpets have to be cleaned as deeply as possible but also quickly, and must also dry as quickly as possible so that there is the minimum of disruption to normal office and reception traffic. Neither a home nor a busy office can afford to wait for soaking wet carpets to dry out, and removing them for external cleaning and refitting them when dry cleaning carpet is not an option.

All of this can be avoided with a system that involves very little moisture yet deep cleans your carpets right down to the backing. It makes no difference whether your carpet is foam or rubber-backed, or is traditionally woven such as an Axminster or Wilton – they are each cleaned equally effectively.

A problem with using water and steam is that the water can soak through to the back of the carpet and wet the floor itself. Whether that is concrete, wooden floorboards or any other surface, when damp the water can attract dirt, soaking it up and passing it back up through the carpet fibres by a process known as capillary action. That’s why sometimes a spillage of even clean water can cause a dirty mark to appear on the carpet when it dries out.

There is a unique method that is different from any of these and more effective for professional carpet cleaning. It cleans your carpet extremely effectively, without any risk of shrinking the fibres, fading the vibrant colours or causing any damage but just as importantly, without loosening any of the dirt on the floor under the carpet.

This technique involves encapsulating the dirt particles into a form very easily removed by vacuuming, and is significantly more effective than any other method involving vacuum cleaning. Foams, shampoos, deep cleaning powders and steam are good, but not good enough.

This technique can clean very dirty carpets made of any material significantly more effectively and faster than any other method, and also while the carpet is still in place in your office or home. There is also another major advantage over more traditional carpet cleaning techniques: it dries very quickly and can be used very shortly after cleaning.

There is no need to close the office for a day, have the work done expensively on a weekend or even a Sunday, or to send the kids out with the dog and then confine them to their bedrooms until next day. This system is good for the health of your employees, clients, family and anybody else that uses the carpet in that it reduces allergens such as dust mites considerably. Thus it is the ideal professional system for carpet cleaning if anybody in your family or any of your employees or clients are asthmatic.

So, don’t put up with dirty carpets but present a professional and caring attitude to your prospective clients by maintaining beautifully clean carpets that enable their vibrant colours to project an efficiency that your customers will appreciate and reward. Whether at home or in the office, your carpets make a difference and carpet cleaning is much quicker, easier and more effective than it ever has been.

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