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The module, among other things, clarifies that art is a natural attribute of a human being (DeWitte et al. 198). It is fascinating how people have evolved in their ability to express their thoughts and feelings from cave paintings to digital art. The variety of modes and media for creating art seems to illustrate the variety of people’s ways of thinking. The combination of different media and techniques which artists elaborate bears thousands of different effects. In application to the plethora of subjects that people throw light upon in their art, the diversity of human nature and its potential for self-expression seems to be virtually limitless. 

Drawing and painting seem to be the most widespread and commonly accessible ways of expression that were present from the dawn of times. While drawing is primarily tied to dry media such as pencil, charcoal, chalk, in painting artists utilize acrylic paint, water-based paints, gouache, and other items. Painting has brought into the world many works of art that represent different schools and styles. Painting today still hold a special place in the world of art due to the flexibility and versatility of this medium.   

With time, people began to use more sophisticated media such as printmaking, intaglio or lithography which entailed technological process as well as skill and creativity. Surfaces and their alteration has begun to be considered artistic and found its disciples as well as admirers. The usage of these artistic techniques allowed artists to achieve greater detailedness and amplify a senсe of volume. Three-dimensional art in the form of sculpture and architecture also developed early, let people work with scale and shape creating real-world objects that served a utilitarian, entertaining and aesthetical purpose. 

It is fascinating how chisel and hammer in the hands of a sculptor can make a figure of a human or an animal from a piece of marble look so realistic. Another quality of such art is that it can last for centuries, unlike paper-or canvas-based art. Through architecture and sculpture, a modern person can trace the change in the relationship of humans with nature. In terms of architecture, limited resources and primitive technologies long kept the utilitarian purpose as primary. Advantages of the landscape were used to underline the protective and artistic qualities of buildings. With advancements in tools and techniques, it became possible to change the natural environment or negate some of its qualities for the purposes of accommodating more people.

The module has implicitly and explicitly presented a fascinating concept of continuity in art. In painting, drawing, architecture or any other form of self-expression people often seem to have based the new styles on the ones that were invented by their predecessors. In light of this, it is meaningful to note the works of Van Gogh who critically reassessed and reworked the concept of modernism and was one of the first creators of impressionism in painting. Judging from this example, it seems that revolutionary ideas can be invented only by bright people. 

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