6 Important Design Tips for your Website

Many people ask “How can my website attract thousands of visitors?”. Traffic to a website is very important, but what’s more is how your website makes visitors feel at home for a long time on your website and even come back again. You can get complete website design tips from LinkHelpers Web Design Phoenix. And here are some important tips for your web design.

Pay attention to the Color Scheme

If your company has a standard logo or color choice that is ingrained, try matching it with matching and complementary colors. Example:

  • Red, yellow and white
  • Blue and white
  • Red, gray and white
  • Blue, orange, and white
  • Yellow, gray and white

If you are not sure what color scheme to choose, look for some references on the internet. Always choose colors that attract visitors to visit your site.

Page Background

Make sure your visitors can read the text in the background, avoid using black writing on a dark blue or yellow background on white. If the background of a dark page always use bright colors for text, and vice versa. Also, note the color of the link before and after being visited. The default color of links in most programs is blue (before being visited) and red/purple (after being visited), so if you have a dark background, make sure the color of your link is bright.

Loading time

If your website takes more than a minute to load a page, obviously there is something that needs to be done. You must start optimizing the speed of your website before visitors leave it and visit other people’s websites.

Responsive Mobile

A responsive website is a website that can adjust the appearance of its layout based on the size of the viewport of the devices used starting from smartphones, tablets or screen computers. A responsive website can provide an optimal experience for users with resizing, scrolling and panning to a minimum. The rapid development of mobile device technology has given birth to mobile devices with different screen sizes with varied brands. Smartphones manufactured by various vendors have size variants. With responsive websites, websites can adjust the size of the access device viewport.


Create a simple logo for the identity of your website. Have a charming tag line somewhere with a header, and write an About Us page that describes the uniqueness of your site. This will leave an impression for your visitors to remember your website.

Pay attention to Grammar and Spelling

Pay attention to writing on your website, avoiding small mistakes in writing text. Avoid excessive use of abbreviations. Also, use standard language that is easily understood and understood by many people.

That’s a little article about 6 important design tips so that the website is more attractive that can be shared by the admin of website services. Good luck and hopefully useful.

Author: NAE

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