5 Tips for Choosing Bathroom Tiles

Choosing bathroom tiles during home building or a remodel can be an enjoyable task if you like interior decorating. But if you weren’t born with one fashionably-forward bone in your body, you might have no idea where to start. Here are five tips to help you pick the best bathroom tiles for your design needs.

Choose the proper durability. There are four groups of durability when it comes to tiles that you walk on. Groups one and two are ideal for bathrooms, where they are softest on bare feet. Step cautiously, though, as bathroom tiles are known for being slick.

Determine where the tiles will go. Some bathrooms include tile on the floor and walls, while some feature it on one or the other. If you choose to put tile on both, you will need to go the extra mile in the coordination department. You don’t want it all matchy-matchy, but you don’t want two different worlds of patterns to collide. For example, you might select tinier, glossier tiles for the walls and pick a more neutral color and texture for the floor.

Don’t forget the fixtures. It’s easy to pick tile that goes with the wallpaper in the master bedroom. But did you remember to coordinate the tile and grout colors with your fixtures? You’ll find you need a grayer grout to go with pewter or stainless steel faucets, while brownish grout will coordinate better with bronze-finished fixtures.

Remember the glaze. The glaze of a tile can determine if it looks like it belongs in a bathroom, a kitchen or a utility room. Some glazes make the tile look ultra-glossy, and this is ideal for above a bath or Jacuzzi or in a shower. You might not want it all the way around the bathroom, especially if the tiles are tiny, so check if there are coordinating tiles that come in larger sizes for the bulk of the walls or floors.

Pick your pattern. Tiles will look great when stacked one way, but they might look plain and boring when laid in a different pattern. Some tile samples come plastered to a sample board that exhibit the tile in its best arrangement. But if the tiles are loose, try arranging them yourself to determine which design best fits the motif of your bathroom.

Regardless of what an expert interior decorator might say, make sure you pick a color, pattern and style that you are most happy with. Keep that in mind while you’re choosing your bathroom tiles.

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