5 Happy Formulas

Being happy is everyone’s right. Any happy happiness can affect health so that happy people can usually live longer. But sometimes life is not always thought happy by you. In fact, there are still many things around you that can make you feel grateful and happy.

Some say that happiness is “created” not “sought”. This may be true because you can actually create your own happiness. Here are some things you might do to feel happier.

  1. Do not start with big things. Great achievements may be happy. But what’s wrong if the little things that seem trivial can make you happier. Try not to wait too hungry to eat and get enough sleep. Many studies have proved that these two things have a great impact on happiness.
  2. Do not let the anger take too long. Research shows, however, that anger is a natural human feeling. People cannot be separated from anger. But at least humans can control it. Do not let that taste last too long in your mind. Release anger and other negative feelings as soon as possible.
  3. Pretend until you feel it. Feelings follow the action. If you are feeling sad, just to cheer up, then you will find yourself really happy.
  4. Enjoy all processes, even failures. Do not be afraid to face challenges and new things, because that’s the key to happiness. The human brain, if stimulated by surprise, will provide a strong sense of satisfaction. Always say to yourself, “enjoy the wisdom of failure.”
  5. Do not “indulge” your sense of sadness. People often just enjoy dragging on with sadness. Even sadness is often the reason people eat more and spend a lot of money. Then you should do the opposite, be hard on your sadness. Do not let you drag on in sadness.

Author: NAE

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