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For a new day, do not start with a doubt. Do not say maybe I can do it, but tell me I can do it. Words may make everything look heavy and impossible. When the word motivation of life and determination unite within you, you can do things you never imagined. Rest assured that one day, the word motivation of your life will turn into an inspirational word of inspirational motivation.

Here is 30 Wise Quote from famous people around the world

1. Abdurrahman Wahid: Never Say Maybe
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For a new day, do not start with a doubt. Do not say maybe I can do it, but tell me I can do it. Words may make everything look heavy and impossible. When the word motivation of life and determination unite within you, you can do things you never imagined. Rest assured that one day, the word motivation of your life will turn into an inspirational word of inspirational motivation.
2. Aesop: Preparing For Tomorrow

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For a new day, make a surprise for yourself. Do the best you can, as if tomorrow you will be rich. Prepare for today, as if there is a desire that you will make today.
Discard negative thoughts and fight happily today! Make the best living motivation words to keep you happy. From a good motivation, success will emerge.
3. Aristotles: Have Fun In Your Work
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For you fighters alive, smile in doing your part today. Forget the fierce boss’s words! Eliminate the negative things people say about you! The word motivation of your success is more meaningful than the negative words.
Focus and have fun in your work. With happiness in working, you get the results you want today! This word can be a word of work motivation to always have fun on the job.
4. Muhammad Ali: Focus On The Goal
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Look at this successful word of motivation and ask yourself What are my goals today? Or what is the purpose of my life ?. Do not let every day flow without you knowing what your goals are going through the days.
If your goal is to complete an office job, do it with happiness. Determined and pray that what you are doing today is not in vain. Be excited as if your goal will be tomorrow.
5. Sai Baba: Make Every Day Meaningful
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Open your eyes and rest assured there is a beautiful meaning today! Rest assured you do not want to miss every second of life in vain! When music has played its rhythm, be ready to make the rhythm of your own life.
The minor or major tone is the same. Sad or happy, that fact is what makes your life meaningful. Respond to the word motivation of your life and the rhythm will start to feel!
6. Confucius: Stop Making Things Complicated
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Life is simple. You go to work and come home with a happy smile, that’s life. You failed yesterday but you did not give up, that’s life. But often we make life complicated by the excessive pursuit of a worldly matter.
Stop connecting the happiness of life with matter! Let these words of living motivation enter your heart, and you understand that life is simple.
7. Chanakya: Do It And Work With Sincerity
Once you do something, do not be afraid to fail and do not leave it. The people who work with sincerity are the happiest.
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Failure in life is common. The great thing is how you learn from the failure to succeed. Be happy when it fails because there God gives a lesson of sincerity.
A lesson that works not only for favors and praise but for happiness. Humble and sincere, that’s a sign of happiness. The word work motivation is what you need to plant in yourself to success.
8. Joseph Campbell: Opportunities Appear In Challenges
The opportunity to find a better power within us arises when life looks very challenging
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When you are squeezed, do not scream. Do not moan, as if you are desperate. Pray with confidence and ask for a way out! Open your eyes and start looking.
Challenge is a game and the word motivation is the tactic. When the word motivation lives strongly in you, the challenge will be an opportunity for you.
9. Winston Churchill: Changed To Perfect
Improve basically change. Being perfect is a recurring change
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Perfect or not today depends on you and your actions. When perfection is not accompanied by action, the perfection of life is impossible to realize.
Start moving and make changes. Perfection is a change of self that you do over and over. Without change, perfection will only be a dream.
10. Dale Carnegie: Successful People Are Always Learning And Trying
Successful people will take advantage of mistakes and try again in different ways
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Always remember these inspiring words! Failure is profit. When it fails, it means you are given time to learn. There is a time when you have to correct the plan that has been running.
If in doubt, do not hesitate to determine a new plan. Do not be shy about doing new ways. You never know how successful the new plan is if it is not tried.
11. Albert Einstein: Experience, The Source Of Knowledge
Words of Life Motivation – Albert Einstein’s Quote
The only source of knowledge is experience
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Yes, an experience is the most valuable teacher. Experience teaches you not to fall into the same mistake. When the first one fails, you will not use it again.
That is known from experience. Whether it is bitter or sweet, the experience remains at its highest function, knowledge for humans. This is the motivational word for yourself that experience is important to live.
12. Walt Disney: Look For Other Successes
I do not like to repeat the success that exists, I prefer to look for other things
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Be always like Walt Disney! Success is not the end of change. Success is precisely the beginning of change. You must continue to innovate to sustain your past success.
Basically, success is not the hardest thing to do. Rather, maintaining success is precisely the hardest.
13. Clint Eastwood: Self-Esteem Is The Beginning Of Real Power
Respect your business, cherish yourself. Self-esteem gives rise to self-discipline. When you have both, that’s the real power
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Have you had high self-esteem today? When you are late to the office today, is it self-esteem? No, self-esteem begins when you appreciate yourself.
When your self-esteem is high, there will be no violations that you commit. Try to respect yourself with discipline, that’s where people will appreciate you as an individual.
14. W.B. Yeats: Do Not Wait
Do not wait for your new hot iron to iron; But make it hot by ironing
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To succeed, never wait for a new chance you move. Move around and do your best, as if you will become a superstar tomorrow.
You can wait for the opportunity to arrive at any time, but you can not deny you have lost half the age with that expectation. Let this word motivation of life motivate you to move forward today.
15. Thomas A. Edison: Find Out How!
There is a way to do better find it!
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On the one hand, failure and success are the same things. You still have to rack your brain to get to the next level. When you fail, rise up and find the best way to be successful.
When you fail, calm down and find a better way to be more successful. A better way to put you in a higher place too. Find out how with these words of motivation work in you.
16. Theodore Roosevelt: Belief In Yourself
Words of Life Motivation – Quote Theodore R
Believe you can. You’re halfway through
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All big plans need a great bounce to get there. When today you have a big plan, do it completely. When you feel you will fail, never turn around and give up.
You do not know what’s the challenge. Do it completely and finish what you have started. The word life motivation says you’re halfway.
17. Benjamin Franklin: Time Is Not Waiting For You
You may be able to delay, but time will not wait
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Successful people will always have a desire to keep moving. They always move because they know that time will be wasted by waiting. Therefore, do not let yourself wait.
Pick up your chance today. Remember these words of life’s motivation when your mind asks to wait. Waiting will eat half your age.
18. Henry Ford: Reputation Begins With What You Do
You will not be able to build a reputation of what you will do
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Of course, you will be famous for what you have created, not what big plans you want to achieve. People will never be amazed by nonsense or wishful thinking.
People will be amazed when you make your dreams come true. Not just amazed, they will be inspired by you. At that point, your reputation as an individual is built.
19. Mahatma Gandhi: Whatever Happens, Do Not Back Down
First, they ignore you. Then, they laugh at you. Next, they are against you. Then you win
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Whatever happens, never back down. It has become a public secret if a great plan must be surrounded by challenges. Do not even step back. Stepping back means you lose and fail.
Be assured and advance because that is the nature of the winner. The winner never retreats from the battlefield even though his opponent is impossible to defeat. Keep your self-motivated words and be determined to move on!
20. William James: Trust Determines A Fact
Believe that life is worth living and your trust will help you make the reality of your life
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All the great things in this world happen because of trust. High confidence keeps you from giving up a single second. Although it fails, that trust will raise you up again.
You believe if you rise, success is not impossible for you. Believe that your life will not end in failure. That’s the reality of your life!
21.Napoleon Hill: There Are Results After The Struggle
Life Motivation Words – Napoleon H
Effort will be fruitless after a person does not give up
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Before you give up today, remember that many people out there want to want your current position. They race and wait for you to fail.
If you choose to surrender, it would be more honorable if you just handed over your current position. You’ll never know what’s behind your distress right now. When strong, believe me, you will be rewarded!
22. Richard Bach: Free To Determine Life
You are always free to change your thinking and have a different future, or a different past
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Sure, you are a human being full of freedom. You succeed or fail, it depends on your actions today. Convince yourself with motivational words that you deserve to succeed today.
Make something big today, then a brilliant future is not impossible. Decision and determination will produce sweet results in the end.
23. W. C. Fields: Start The Day With A Smile
Begin each day with a smile and end with a smile
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When you start today, smile at the mirror. That smile will give you the best mood to face today. Successful people never start the day by grumbling, but with a big smile.
They believe today there will be a great miracle coming to them. Not just the beginning, they ended the day with gratitude and a smile of satisfaction. Be like that!
24. Bill Gates: Innovation Is Movement
Innovation is a very fast movement
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This is an inspiring word for you. Sometimes, just moving in life is not enough in life. You must measure what kind of movement you are doing today.
Yes, innovation is the fast movement you are doing today. With innovation, others will find it hard to catch you, no matter what.
25. John W. Gardner: Make Brilliance
Brilliance is doing the usual thing in a very extraordinary way
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You need to pay attention to this inspired word quote. You can be called brilliant if you manage to do something common in a way that one can not imagine.
Your boss will give you two thumbs when you complete your task in a way he never imagined. Therefore, before the start of the day, imagine how you will face today!
26. Bruce Lee: Do Not Show Off
Said Life Motivation – Bruce Lee Quote
Exhibition is a stupid idea for a victory
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When one day you succeed, you need to remember this motivational word. Showy or boasting is not a good idea to be known to people. First, people may be amazed at you.
After showing off, you’re no longer great. Show off with pride will not make you happy, but it is a sword that will kill you slowly.
27. Michael Jordan: Not Afraid To Fail
I was never afraid to fail
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For a success, you need not be afraid to fail. Negative thoughts about failure will only keep you from developing. Move now or not at all!
Success is not obtained with fear and doubt. Your success will be with innovation and courage. The word motivation of life teaches us to keep trying to succeed without being haunted by past failures.
28. Hellen Keller: Do Not Be Pessimistic
No pessimist has ever discovered the secret of a star, or sailed to a new island, or opened a new way for the human soul
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Notice this inspired word quote for today! Do not start today with a sense of pessimism! There is nothing you can not do in this world. Even when you are sure, you can move the rock mountain.
If you want to be successful, be optimistic that you can succeed. Move with confidence and conquest today!
29. John F. Kennedy: Point Your Goals
Business and courage are not enough without the purpose and direction of planning
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Today, open your eyes and make a plan of life today! When you have a plan, something you do will be well organized. To reach a top step, you need a definite step to climb every step.
When planning is not mature, it will be a day where your efforts will end up in vain. So start planning from now on! Therefore, before you get started, make this quote as a motivational word for yourself.
30. Abraham Lincoln: Do Not Avoid Tomorrow
You can not get out of responsibility tomorrow by avoiding it today
Wise Quotes
Yesterday, today, tomorrow, or any day will be full of responsibilities that you have to solve. Whatever the responsibilities of each day, you should try to finish it well.
Every day you finish well bring you to a higher level of living. The word motivation of life teaches us to face the problem of life with courage.

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