10 Happy Living Ways In The Household

In married life, of course, each family member hopes to feel happy. The happiness in the household will make the family members feel at home, spend time together and feel loved each other. Not only that, happy households can impact home members are filled with energy and positive thoughts while living out of a home. This will certainly have a good impact on the work or study that is lived every day.

Here are some ways to live happily in the home :

  • Obey God

The first way to create happiness in a household is to always obey God. Understand that getting married is to worship. By understanding this, the husband and wife will always prioritize obedience to God by carrying out His commands and away from His prohibitions. This will make the husband and wife always act well against each other and not be bad, in accordance with the teachings of the Quran and hadith.

  • Worship together

Furthermore, husbands and wives should instill a habit of worshiping together. Create an ideal to not only live happily together in the world but also live happily together in the hereafter. That way, husband, and wife will be compact to remind each other in worshiping God.

Worshiping together, such as praying in congregation or familiarizing together, will also be a good example for children. Make sure both of you always do a way to remain in goodness, so good habit of worship will also be embedded in the children so it can help the education of good character of children.

  • Mutually guard the rights and obligations of family members

Household life can be likened to an organization consisting of a father as leader, mother as manager, and children as her supervisor. Like the role of the father in the family is to meet the needs of the family and to keep the family on the right path according to religion. Mothers who can do housewife tasks, such as doing tips on managing household finances properly, educate children well and others. Meanwhile, children get the rights and obligations of children at home, such as obedient to parents.

With the sharing of the respective obligations above, will also be fulfilled the rights of each family member. Such as good education, the right decision, the certainty of the fulfillment of the needs of food-clothing-board, and others. This will greatly affect the happiness in the household.

  • Maintaining the intimacy of husband and wife

Sometimes, husbands and wives are equally busy with daily activities, feel too tired to make out or just keep the romance they do when going out first. Husband and wife feel the words are intimate or spoiled are not important anymore, yet they are married and blessed with children. In fact, this assumption is very wrong and could be the cause of divorce husband and wife.

It would be nice if the husband and wife know how to romantic relationships, even provide a pleasant surprise for couples. This will certainly maintain the warmth of husband and wife relationship as tips to maintain family harmony.

  • spare your time

In the midst of busy husband, work to earn a living and the wife takes care of home affairs, do not let family time together become lost. One way to educate children is to spend time together and exchange stories. This will help parents recognize the child’s character as well as the right time to refresh the mind.

  • Make good communication

Communication is essential for every relationship. With good communication, a husband and wife can do a way to eliminate suspicion of the couple because they trust each other. Communication they do also include how to eliminate jealousy between husband and wife because they both know what and who the priority of her partner. Therefore, good communication is one way to build a happy family

  • Keep up appearances

A wife is required to look attractive in front of her husband. The wife who welcomes her husband home from work in attractive clothes, bright faces and smiles is certainly more fun than a plain-clad wife with messy hair. So, a wife should be able to make an interesting way to look every day.

This method can also be a way to become the husband’s dream wife who makes a comfortable husband at home. A wife who is good at how to look beautiful will also be happy

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